The ‘Flying V’ Too Powerful for Senators

The Mighty Ducks rode the Flying V to victory in the 2007 Stanley Cups Finals.  Yes, hockey is still a sport.  Seriously, it’s on TV and everything.  Anyway, the devastating attack of the offensive formation of the Flying V, The Ducks’ patented 5-man attack that mimics the flight patterns of their namesake, proved overwhelmingly more effective than Ottawa’s signature attack, The One-Timing Filibuster. 

 While the Senators ultimately had no answer for the combined attack of the Flying V and the Triple Deke, Anaheim’s win wasn’t exactly a cakewalk.  The Ducks came through despite worries that a wrist injury would take out star player Adam Banks.  After some douche cheap-shotted Banks during a post-goal celebration, his wrist was rendered completely immobile and even lifting a hockey stick became an impossible task.  However, with no logical or even realistic explanation, Banks’ wrist was completely healed by the next game.   

 The final game culminated into the most dramatic ending possible with the Ducks being awarded a penalty shot with the score tied and no time left on the game clock.  It was at this time, the team’s co-captain Charlie Conway debuted his aforementioned Triple Deke to net the winning goal.   

 Greg Goldberg, the Duck’s fat Jewish Goalie, was heard to say “Not on my worst enemy would I wish the Triple Deke.  One deke I could handle.  Two…Oy, vey.  But that third deke…I’d plotz.  I’d rather face four Knuckle Pucks than one Triple Deke.” 

 Making the victory all the more impressive, The Mighty Ducks actually have a mixed gender roster.  You’d think this would have been a bigger story earlier in the year.   

 While hoisting the Stanley Cup, an emotional Charlie Conway exclaimed “We’re going to Disneyland!!!  Like we had a choice.”


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