A-Rod and Wang Combo Produces Large Results as Yankees Stick It Hard to the Mets

June 17th, 2007 – New York, NY

It’s already been established that A-Rod can deliver great satisfaction, but when you’ve got your Wang firing off like this, there’s no limit to how good it can get. 

A-Rod came to the plate for the Yankees, swing a huge stick, tallying up his 491st career homerun and added to his league leading season RBI’s total, making it a whopping 73.

But even more impressive was the Yankee’s Wang.  He slipped the Mets the hot one so many times, he retired 10 men, becoming only the fourth Yankee to ever do so in a single outing. 

“I’ve seen Wang come out big before,” manager Joe Torre stated immediately following the 8-2 victory of the cross-town rivals, “but when Wang gets up to 10, that’s huge!”   And it’s not just a skillful Wang on the field, this Wang shows endurance, lasting eight innings on the mount.  Mound, I mean mound. 

“You really just can’t beat Wang, “Torre added, “And you can’t beat A-Rod either….Well, I suppose you could beat them, but it’d end up being really hard.”

It was a long one for Mets pitcher Orlando Hernandez.  “The Yankees are a tough team all around, “Hernandez said, “and when they get the bats going, they can be a handful.  But when A-Rod starts swinging like that, it’s way more than a handful. It’s downright intimidating.”

The Yankees are on a roll, winning 11 or their last 12.  Despite this dominance, the Yankees look to extend an already well-endowed roster, calling up minor leaguers Hugh Peters, Dick Johnson, and Bob Phallus.





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