NFL Crime Highlighted by the Media, but Disturbing MLB Crime Trend Ignored

Every day, stories of NFL players such as Adam “Pacman” Jones, Tank Johnson, and Chris Henry are discussed at length in the media.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has stepped in and tried to crack down on this disturbing trend, but it hasn’t done much to stem the tide.  Jones is being charged with two felonies in Las Vegas, and is being sought for questioning in an Atlanta strip club shooting incident that occurred earlier this week.

NFL player conduct is clearly a major issue in sports, and the media is discussing it to death.  But an even stranger sports issue has emerged, but no one seems to be talking about it:  Major League Baseball’s recent outbreak of home invasions.

Carlos Zambrano has become a very visible icon in Chicago sports, both due to his impressive performance on the mound and his fiery temperment.  His recent scuffle with now ex-teammate Michael Barrett in the dugout has been much publicized.  One incident that has not received much media attention was his off the field run-ins with cross town rival AJ Pierzynski.

Video of this incident can be seen here:

Zambrano is seen entering Pierzynski’s bedroom while Pierzynski is asleep, and stealthily filling the sleeping player’s hand with shaving cream.  He then produces a large feather and tickles Pierzynski, causing him to slap the shaving cream onto his own face.  In another incident, Pierzynski returns the favor by entering Zambrano’s home while he sleeps, then waxing the pitcher’s entire eyebrow off.  In both incidents, the aggressor attempts to return to their victim’s good graces by plying him with fast food.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be an isolated incident.  Jermaine Dye was seen entering Michael Barrett’s home while he slpet, then drawing on the player’s face with permanent marker.  Barrett retaliated by filling Dye’s bedroom with mouse traps.  Again, fast food was offered as an olive branch.

All of these incidents have been captured on video, yet the media seems to be ignoring the questions and implications raised.

First of all, why are the authorities looking the other way in cases of blatant home invasion?  Had Pierzynski awoken to find Zambrano in his home and proceeded to shoot him, he would have been justified by the law.  Pierzynski took the law into his own hands by breaking into Zambrano’s home.  Were these incidents even reported to the police?  I attempted to reach the Chicago Police Department about these incidents, but the officer I spoke to hung up laughing.  This implies a high ranking cover up job, or just blatant disregard for public safety.

Now, some have argued that these cases have not been serious.  No one is getting hurt (although Dye’s exposure to multiple pinches from mouse traps couldn’t have been pleasant), and they seem to be nothing more than lighthearted pranks.  But are we overlooking the trees here?  Home invasion is still home invasion, no matter what is done once inside the home. 

There are even more disturbing issues at play here, ones that even I can’t seem to fathom.  Why do Major League Baseball players sleep in their full uniforms, including their hats?  Do all players do this?  And why do multi-millionaire athletes live in such modest homes, without any hint of security or technology?  The media wants no part of this controversy, instead choosing to focus on NFL player strip club attendance and weapon ownership.

And again, what is the connection to fast food, and why does it seem to render the crime insignificant?  Does giving your victim fast food really void out the crime?

If so, I’ll have to remember to hit the drive through before my next date. 


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