Police Unable to Identify Suspects in Eddie Curry Robbery


Eddie Curry and Family were robbed at gunpoint in Curry’s own home by three men just after midnight on Saturday, July 28th.  There are suspected links to the NBA in the crime, as Antoine Walker was recently held up in a very similar fashion.  Plus, there are a dickload of criminals in the NBA.

The obvious leader of the gang of miscreants was described as a large black male, around 6’9” and 215 lbs, with a big pudgy face and b-cup man-boobs.  He also remarked “Give me all your cash, jewelry, and offensive touches.  I ain’t sharing the ball with no one!”

As to the identities of the two remaining robbers, the only leads the police have to go by are the statements made during the incident.  The smaller of the two remaining robbers was challenged by Curry, as Curry stated he didn’t think the gun was loaded.  The suspect stated “It is loaded!  I just fired it off in front of a strip club.” 

The third robber just kept stating that Randolph shouldn’t judge him by this one criminal act, but should judge him by how good of a defender he is. 

Further NBA ties are suspected, as the perpetrators were wearing NBA jerseys at the time.  More specifically, a Warriors jersey, a Kings jersey, and a NY Knicks jersey that looked really, really new.  Oddly, the robber with the Knicks jersey was not actually wearing his, but wassimply holding it up in front of him.

Police captured these still images from Curry’s security cameras, though the results are inconclusive due to the offenders wearing masks, making them completely indistinguishable. 




Police are stumped.



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