And the First Points Are on the Board!!!

The Sport Crime League

The Beef Catchers jump out to an early season lead with number #1 draft pick Michael Vick scoring an impressive 500 points before even making a court appearance.  Much to the chagrin of Optimus Crime fans, the Beef Catchers’ lead was extended by Stephen Jackson’s court appearance, which resulted in a league suspension as well.  Since the initial charges were pressed against Jackson and he was convicted long before the draft, those points are not scored, but he still manages to bring in an overwhelming 700 points, plus will add 50 points for each game he misses later in the season.   

Optimus Crime has yet to put up any points on the board.  But with Pacman’s upcoming suspension, some sure points are in OC’s future.  Plus, the dude is rumored to be considering a pro wrestling career and those guy like to break the law a lot.  Pacman on ‘roids?  Oh, man, imagine the possibilities.   

The scoring plays discussed here are listed below…


A crime is alleged against player – 100 points

Player accused of:           

Any felony not previously listed – 300 points

Player arrested – 100 points  

Stephen Jackson 

Court appearance – 150 points

Court fines – 100 points

Probation/Community service – 200 points

Violating “League Policy” – 150 points

A league suspension –   100 points   

Point totals 

Beef Catchers – 1200

Optimus Crime – Goose Egg



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