Stephon Marbury Defends Isiah Thomas and, Once Again… the Juice

Man, it’s been a busy week for me, defending my fellow pro athletes.  Y’all probably heard I had to come to my man Isiah’s defense this part week.  I mean, sexual harassment?  Come on, dawg.  Bitch can’t take a joke, is all.  Probably just needs to get laid. 


I mean, yeah, I heard her get called a bitch all the time around the office, but, according to many credible sources in the hip hop industry, her being female and all, she’s either a bitch or a ho, right.  And if Imus taught us anything, you don’t call no female basketball players hoes.  So what’s that leave Isiah with?  That’s right, bitch… it’s bitch.  The man only had one option. 


And obviously, he thought she was an attractive bitch.  He was trying to get with her, so that’s a compliment. It ain’t like he was calling her an ugly bitch.  Now that would be bad.  Hell, she should feel privileged. He’s a star.  She should be willing to meet up with him for a nice romantic evening, something like meeting in front of a strip club and then getting it on in his Escalade. 


And that bitch was creating a hostile work environment, anyway.  Always focused on negative responses, always being like “No, leave me alone.” Or “Stop talking to me like that.”  Why you gotta be argumentative?  


And my man.  O.J.  Man, they’re at you again.  All I have to say is, why everybody always on O.J.’s back? I mean, all the guy was doing was… uhh, busting up into a hotel room…no, that don’t sound good…


Okay, Okay, I got it… all O.J. was doing was showing he ain’t the one to be toyed with… no that don’t sound good either…


Uhh… O.J. was just… just…


You know what?  Not even I can come up with something to make this one make any sense. 


Sorry, Juice. 


 – Stephon M.


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