So What Do I Get from Your Failed Guarantee, Anthony Smith?

So, Anthony Smith, your Steelers didn’t win.  But I am confused… you guaranteed that win.  What are you backing it up with?  When some burger joint guarantees fresh food, I at least get a coupon to get my next unfresh burger for free when they don’t follow through.  So, where do I cash in all these guarantees that didn’t pan out from Sports stars?  “I guarantee a win.”  Well, you lost… please refund all ticket sales and merchandising profits.  This phrase means nothing.  I want these athletes to say “or…” and then offer what price they’ll pay if there is not guarantee followed through on.  My suggestions, for entertainment sake, would be for Smith to have followed his guarantee with…”or I’ll play my next game without shoulder pads.”  “Or I’ll punch myself in the junk on TV”  or “You can shit in my helmet just before kickoff.”  And this isn’t just directed at Smith, or even just football. 

This applies across the board in the sports world.  Since the “I’ll play without shoulder pads” thing isn’t universal, I’ll give athletes from a number of sports some help tagging a consequence onto these guarantees.  It’s easy.  You just start your sentence with “I guarantee we will win…” and finish that sentence with one of these follow-throughs…

Hockey – “Or I’ll sit bare-assed on the ice right after the Zambone makes a pass.

Boxing – “Or I’ll fight my next fight allowing my opponent to have broken glass on his gloves ala Jean Claude versus Tong Po.”

Baseball – “Or I’ll sign with the Pirates and no one will ever hear of me again.” 

Soccer – “Or else I’ll… uhh, do something no one will really notice anyway.  Unless I’m David Beckham… then I’ll just publically admit to thinning hair being the reason I shaved my hair off.”

NBA “Or I’ll spend a night in a Colorado hotel room with Kobe.”              “Or I’ll stop calling myself Hibachi”

WNBA – “Or I’ll force myself to watch 10 hours of WNBA broadcasts.” 

Men’s College Basketball – “Or I’ll stay in school for two seasons.”

Fuseball – “Or I’ll make my guys do several backflips in a row simultaneously” (We miss you, Mitch)

Golf – “Or I’ll let everyone make fart noises while I tee off”

Battle Robots – “Or I’ll date a girl.” 

Women’s Volley ball – “Or I’ll wear a top with less fabric than these shorts”

Guy’s Volleyball – “Or I’ll…wait, who I’m talking to… no one would be interviewing me.  I’m a male volleyball player”

Competitive eating – “Or I’ll strain all my eating-assisting cups of water through Rosie O’Donnell’s panties… or possibly boxer briefs.”

Mortal Kombat – “Or I’ll die.”  

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the “punch myself in the junk on TV” applies to all sports.  Even if it is women’s sports. 

So, to all the athletes, if you’re not willing to tag something on that pays off if your guarantee isn’t delivered, just say that you feel confident that you will win.  Otherwise, prepare for self-junk  punching.


The NBA’s First Month…

So, one month into the season and the Celtics have already been given their rings, right?  Well, not so fast.  It appears there are actually other team in contention.  I thought this season was just kind of a celebratory parade, but it appears several teams might be just as good, if not better. 

With the first month in the books, it’s time to take a look at how well all the preseason predictions of sportswriters are panning out.  Most of them said Orlando would be awesome this year, right?

So, in no rational order, let’s look at each team’s season so far…

Orlando Magic – Dwight Howard is a monster.  Like Shaq in his first three years kind of unstoppable, only with way less limp-wristed bitch slapping of Alvin Robertson.  Just this week he put up TWO 20+ rebound games.  And Turkeyglue is silently killing people from the outside.  That team is tough.
The Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron’s back is killing him from lifting 11 bums up on his shoulders every night.  But yet it’s a sprained finger that sidelines him.  A sprained finger?  Come on… tape it up and get in the game. 

And Drew Gooden has found a new way to say “Look how stupid I can make my head look!” 

51a4f7b2-737d-499f-bda9-2a3270cc5b03.jpgIt’s no Fluffy tail like last year, but it’s pretty stupid.

Boston Celtics – The Celtics think it’s June.  They’re good.  Really good.  But is it really necessary to keep The Big Three on the floor for 30+ minutes when stomping teams like New York?  None of these guys are 23.  Pace yourself, guys.  And can we get a marketing guy on this underachieving nickname, please?
San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs are the NBA ninjas.  No one sees them coming, everyone is afraid to talk about them, and they will creep in and take everything again. 
Chicago Bulls – I may be in denial here, but can we really say this team is awful yet?  ESPN had them ranked at dead last in the power ratings last week.  Do their TV’s not pick up Timberwolves games?  Do they really think the Knicks will finish better than the Bulls?  The Bulls are not doing so well, but it’s one month into the season. 
Dallas Mavericks – The Mavs like to run a lot.  They can beat anyone. And lose to anyone. 
Phoenix Suns  The Suns are great at doing impressions of the Mavs. 
Los Angles Lakers – Kobe’s good at piling up stats during the regular season.  Probably won’t put up stunning numbers in the playoffs.  And I can see why Kobe chose to, instead of taking the kid under his wing and making his team and teammate stronger, rip this young Bynum guy online.  I mean, averaging a double double?  That’s awful.  He’s obviously a bust.  Yet another way the Kobe/Jordan comparison is ridiculous… Jordan helped a raw talented Pippen get things under control and become a hall of fame caliber player on the way to winning six rings.  Kobe just helped Shaq win one more ring by forcing him to Miami. 
Portland Trailblazers – The trailblazers got rid of their top scorer and rebounder, lost their highly coveted #1 draft pick for the season, and still are a much better team than last year.
Seattle Supersonics – Coaching Kevin Durant thus far this season seems to be consisting of telling him “Go out there and do some basketball related stuff.”  I feel sorry for him.  He looks lost and no one is willing to help him find direction.

Milwaukee Bucks – Sportswriters see a different Yi than I have seen.  They see a good one with a load of potential.  I see a slightly less anemic Toni Kukoc with slightly less personality.  I keep hearing announcers say “If he’d learn to attack the basket, he’s be a real force.”  Or if he could shoot 100% from half-court, he’d be even better!  I don’t think either one is happening anytime soon.

Sacramento Kings – I think they still have a team in Sacramento.  Their season is going about so quietly, no one even notices a rising superstar in Kevin Martin.  Also, no one seemed to notice a difference when they were missing Ron Artest.  Los Angles Clippers – What a shock when they started out 4-0 in the first week of the season.  Not so shocking, a month later they’ve only picked up 2 more wins.  It’s gotta suck when your biggest star has played as many minutes for your team as they have for any of the other teams in the league this season.

The New York Knicks – I love this Knicks season.  It’s like the NBA’s version of Flavor of Love.  Chock full of self-destructive ignorance and you just can’t understand why anyone picked that guy to have his own gig.

Washington Wizards – Best trash-talking related story of the century.  Gilbert “Hibachi” Arenas (okay, maybe The Big Three isn’t such a lame nickname) goes on record that the Wizards will stomp the hell out of the much-hyped Celtics several days before tipoff.  Gameday quote, “Never mind, I was just kidding.”  The final score reflected that joke.  What’s really funny is this is the same exact quote sports writers that picked them to be at the top of their division are using now. 

Denver Nuggets – One month in and they’re already talking about where Iverson will be headed next.  The league should just get it over with and make a team cancer all-star team.  This is a solid squad putting up some big wins and Iverson is unhappy.  They should just hire actors to  follow him around  and have fake conversation about him being the absolute biggest star on the team and no one else is even worth talking about.  Maybe a regular feeding of the hungriest ego outside of L.A. would do some good. 

Indiana Pacers – What a boring team.  I live in Indiana and have yet to hear one person talk about them. 

Miami Heat – The early struggles were responded to by saying “Oh, just wait until Wade gets back.”   Not sure what the response is about still sucking after he got back.

New Jersey Nets – The Bad news:  They’re sporting a losing record and not just losing, but losing by double digits.  Good News:  Very few legal matters thus far in the season. 

 Toronto Raptors – Today, they have a winning record.  By the time you read this, it might no longer be true.  Hard to be optimistic about a good start, record –wise when your three big names are all taking turns wearing their league-demanded suits on the bench.  And you live in Canada.  Is there an official Raptors hairdresser?  There has to be a reason so many of their players are sporting the Gelled-Up Spiked Hairdo, official hairdo of douche bags worldwide.

Detroit Pistons – I want to be the PR man for the Pistons.  I’d pitch the campaign, “Keep talking about Orlando and Boston.  See you in June.” 

Utah Jazz – Is there a Cavs fan alive that doesn’t go into seizures every time they show Boozer’s highlights or box scores?  This team is exciting to watch, but watching a local broadcast of a Jazz game is a bizarre experience.  You go from the high-paced excitement of the game to video Sominex every timeout.  The Salt Lake City advertising is the least flashy, most sleep-inducing set of commercials ever produced.  About the flashiest thing I saw was a phone number imposed over the video of a guy talking about insulation.  And all the spokes people spoke like they were producing a meditation audio tape.  Maybe it’s Mormon subliminal brainwashing.  I did have the urge to marry several drably dressed women.

New Orleans Hornets – I hope they put these guys on national TV a little more.  One, they are exciting to watch and are playing like a real playoff contender… two, maybe a little more exposure could help me get over my Alzheimer’s.  It still doesn’t click that when they are talking about the Charlotte game, they aren’t talking about the Hornets.  Speaking of which…

Charlotte Bobcats – Man, are they a forgettable team.  And I don’t think it’s just my dementia.  I know they said they wanted to bring in a guy that was already an offensive force because they didn’t want to wait to win, but Richardson’s 16-5-2 averages aren’t really powerhouse numbers.  I use the generic “they” because I still just can’t bring myself to question Jordan directly.  

Houston Rockets – Started the season off at the top of the list of a lot of people’s “Likely to win it all” lists.  I think that lasted about a week.   They are about as consistent as Bonzi Wells’ scoring… who’s he play for?  Oh, yeah… Anyway, good luck winning a playoff series. 

 Memphis Grizzlies – T-Minus 3 weeks until the Pau Gasol “I don’t want to play here” whining begins.

Golden State Warriors – All it took was one playoff series win to make people start taking them seriously.  You know, one measly little NBA record-making playoff series win.  They struggled without Jackson, but with him and his ankle-bracelet back in the locker room, they’re on fire.     

Atlanta Hawks – Well ,this isn’t exactly going to be a turnaround year for the Hawks, but there are a couple of bright spots.  Horford looks like he will be a superstar.  And their uniforms are a little less ugly.

Philadelphia 76ers – I’ve looked it up three times and I still can’t remember their starting line-up.  They are every bit as good as the Knicks so far.  Keep reaching for those stars. 

Minnesota Timberwolves – Biggest loss on their roster… Kevin Garnett.  Second biggest loss… Ricky Davis.  Biggest addition… Antoine Walker.  Second biggest addition… shit, I don’t know.  Has anyone checked Kevin McHale’s house for a radon leaks?  I mean, everyone keeps saying he’s bad at his job, but it seems more like he’s slowly becoming retarded than just making some poor management decisions.