Best Search Engine Results

One of the most entertaining aspects of managing the Foam Finger is getting to see what people put into search engines that result in hits for the site.  There have been some really great ones, such as…

– celibacy lakers

– triple deke (this one has shown up repeatedly)

– Corey Brewer Retarded Smile

– Movies with Boobs

– Big Boob Movies (Seriously, if you put these last two in a search engine, do you really stumble accross a sports site and go, “Oh, I wanna see that one!”?  Maybe it’s just a refreshing change for that searcher to find non-porn.)

– Discourage Bats visiting

– Wang

– Wang Combo

– Gay Clothing

and the All-Time champion has got to be…

– “lost his genitals” (Yeah, in quotes)

So with no further ado, I introduce a new feature… Best Search Engine Result of the Day.  Today’s champion, without question is…

– dwyane wade rodney stuckey mancrush

 Congrats, whoever you are, on having todays most outstanding search engine result.