They Said WHAT?!!! Quotes from the Sports World that May or May Not Have Been Spoken

“Hey, remember when Kobe raped that chick?”   – Shaquille O’Neal upon reporters asking him about that Las Vegas hooker.

 “Ouch, my face!”      – John Daly

“Oh, what’s the big deal?  So I passed on a venereal disease and used a fake name.  It’s not like I’m out there maiming pets or anything.”   – Michael Vick during the “Ron Mexico” lawsuit.

“Shaquille O’Neal is the greatest player of all time.  I’d (censored) his (censored) off.”   – Bill Walton

 “Slam Bam, Baby.  Dunkaroo, bippity boppity boo, thingamajig, dipsy whipsy nipsy russell!  Take it to the rackamackaslackajacka, baby!  Slobbery knobbery with a diaper dandy in the biscuit flipper sandwich jarhead fluankerton, floopstick!  Get a T.O.!”  – Dick Vitale when asked his opinion on Florida’s chances of a third champisonship since losing so many players to the NBA draft this year.   

” Oh, What’s the big deal?  So I run some dog fights.  It’s not like i’m out there passing along a venereal disease and using a fake name.” – Micheal Vick, upon his FBI arrest.

 “The Spurs, by at least seven and a half points.” NBA referee Tim Donaghy when asked by co-worker “So, who do you think is going to win tonight?”

“Michael…Vick…, Michael Vick… nope, doesn’t ring any bells.  I don’t think he works here.  He might only be an urban legend or something.  Maybe you made him up.” – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall during a recent press conference when asked how he planned on dealing with the Michael Vick situation. 


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